Pazzo Marco Creamery


Pazzo Marco Creamery handcrafts artisan gelato and cheese using local grass-fed organic milk. Marco Moramarco and Paul Vierra created Pazzo Marco Creamery out of their passion for local, natural and delicious wholesome food. Small batch artisan gelato and cheese are crafted with local organic milk in their micro creamery on the Gualala ridge, one mile from the coast. All recipes are developed and created by Marco and Paul from scratch to bring out the best in flavor and texture. They believe artisan food is truly made with the hands where scrupulous attention is devoted to every detail. They are happy to achieve a lovingly handcrafted product that delights the pallet – infused with love and natural local goodness.


  • Create premium products that delight the senses and that are nutritious and delicious.
  • Support for the community, local farmers, and purveyors.
  • Select the best, fresh, in-season ingredients, locally first when available.
  • Introduce ingredients early in our process to ensure optimal flavor, consistency, and quality.
  • Choose purveyors and merchants that share our values by supporting sustainable farming methods, fair trade, and care for our precious, natural resource